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WillowClan Kit - .:Redkit:. by BettaRae WillowClan Kit - .:Redkit:. by BettaRae
Name: Redkit
Past Names: --
Rank: Kitten
Past Ranks: --
Clan: WillowClan

Breed: Mix Breed / American Short Hair x Maine Coon
Gender: Tom / Male
Age: 0 - 7 moons old

Personality: Although young, Redkit has shown to be rambunctious. A curious little fellow with very little fear (or so he believes) Redkit is known for getting into trouble from visiting the medicine cat's den and exploring the herbs to daring his brother to follow him into the leader's den. This little kit will do just about anything for a good adventure.

| Hasty | Curious | Adventurous | Trouble Maker | Obedient | Optimist | Brave-ish |

- Hasty - Redkit is a bundle of energy. He always has to be on the go or going somewhere, even if it's just across the camp. This little tom just can't sit still!
- Curious - Although not one to 'go where he shouldn't' Redkit sometimes just can't stop himself. If he hears about something out side the camp walls he can't stop himself from trying to sneak out or follow a patrol.
- Adventurous - Because of his curious ways if can't mannage to just take a peak outside the safety of camp he will create his own story and play it out within WillowClan. He sometimes brings his siblings along with him on his imaginary adventures.
- Trouble Maker - Yes, Redkit gets into trouble, a lot. Because of his adventures and him being so curious Redkit will sometimes get caught up in his own stories and forget where he is. A pretend chase could turn harmful quite easily if he gets too into games.
- Optimist - He always sees the pond as half full. If something doesn't turn out his way then there must be another way around it.
- Brave-ish - If you asked him directly he would tell you that he is the bravest cat to ever live! But this is not true, although he likes to think himself brave if the situation gets to scary he'd turn tail and run faster then any rabbit every chased by HeatherClan.

Backstory: Redkit was born with his siblings to Emberstar and Stormleap of WillowClan. He only knows of what he hears at this point not being old enough to experience it himself. Because he is so young he hasn't done a whole lot just yet, except sneak into the leaders den and get scared half out of his pelt by his grandfather Darktail.

- More added soon -

Family: Mother | Father | Littermates | Siblings | G-Mother | G-Father
M | Emberstar
F | Stormleap
L | Drizzlekit,
S | Ironeyes, Sweetsoul, Crossfang, Blossomwhisker
G-M | Palewhisker
G-F | Darktail
Mate: --
Kits: --
---Must find all the family...---

Other: Redkit enjoys chasing butterflies and just about anything else that moves.

- Cat's Name - Gender Bullet - Living Status - Clan Bullet - Relationship Bullet(s) - Thoughts
:bulletblue:- Male :bulletpink:- Female

:bulletblack:- Dead :bulletgreen:- Alive

:bulletyellow:- HeatherClan :bulletblue:- StoneClan :bulletwhite:- IceClan :bulletgreen:- WillowClan

:bulletblack:- Don't Come Back
:bulletred:- Strong Dislike
:bulletorange:- Unsure
:bulletyellow:- They're Okay
:bulletgreen:- Friend
:bulletblue:- Good Friend
:bulletpurple:- Best Friend
:bulletpink:- Love/Crush
:bulletwhite:- Miss

- Emberstar - :bulletpink: - :bulletgreen: - :bulletgreen: - :bulletpink: - She's my mom, I love her even if I don't get to see her all that often, I understand she's the leader and all.
- Stormleap - :bulletblue: - :bulletgreen: - :bulletgreen: - :bulletpink: - My dad! Even though I don't get to see him I love him all the same.
- Drizzlekit - :bulletblue: - :bulletgreen: - :bulletgreen: - :bulletpink::bulletpurple: - He and I get into so much trouble together! It's fun though. We've even made plans to be leader and deputy one day!

Roleplay example:

Redkit followed his brother, his sleek fur stood up along his neck and spun. That's what made him different then the rest of his kin. Where all of them had long fluffy fur his was straight, clean and short. "You don't think that they'll come this close?" He came and stood next to his brother. "From the sounds of it some the Clans have already had territory destroyed. I wish I could go out there and give those rotten twolegs a piece of my mind! They have no right to even think about being this close to our homes." Redkit took a deep breath and dug his claws into the earth below his paws. "Why doesn't StarClan do something about them? Chase them out of our land that they once hunted?" The young tom looked up to the sky with is deep aqua eyes and tilted his head. "You don't think StarClan is allowing this to happen because of something the Clans did in the past do you?" His mind whirled with the stories his mother and the elders told him. Stories of WillowClan's past, the war between the Clans centered around Voicestar and his kin, the sickness that had ended just before their birth. Surely the lives lost then and now where enough punishment.
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good-within-u Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
aww so cute
BettaRae Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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doggieoh Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist
How did you color in the pelt design!
I can't select it, it selects everything :U
BettaRae Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I added a layer under the ref sheet and turned the ref to multiply this makes the white part of the cat act transparent and you can colour it in c:
doggieoh Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist
Wow thanks it works!! :D
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